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 General Rules and behavior for the forum

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PostSubject: General Rules and behavior for the forum   Fri Dec 19, 2008 7:08 pm

Due to this forum being an all topics forum, the rules are kind of thin but strictness compensates that. Just make sure you follow them and the stay of every member and guest will be very comfortable.

Be nice and gentle with everyone around the forums, it's a new experience for everyone and we want it to last.
Please add the languages you know, the first one has to be your first language (also mother tongue, native language, arterial language, or L1). The other languages don't have to be in any order but it'd be nice for you to order them according to your mastery over them (according to you). If you're still learning a language put an asterisk (*) before the name of the language. For example: English, Français, *Español...
If you can help in the Help forums go and do it please, maybe you're an expert and haven't noticed yourself. Also, if you go there, make it worth it and help people around, don't just go to spam.
No spam allowed. We have a warning system based on a scale of 10. When you get 4 warnings you get a temporal ban of a day, 6 warnings a three-day ban, 8 warnings it's a week ban and 10 warnings is... well it's an IP ban.
Multiple posting is taken in consideration depending on each thread made, but generally it's not allowed.
No rude words or swearing, I might add a special forum for this but I'll make it only for responsible members.
No aggression towards members and... well all the rules that you read (supposedly) at the beginning of your registration.
We are currently with no staff members whatsoever, but please give this forum a try and we can make a good community

Now go and have fun around. Very Happy
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General Rules and behavior for the forum
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